You did it! You booked a party! When this happens, it can be tempting to run away and celebrate—but stick around and keep talking! This is your chance to set your new hostess’s sights high and get her thinking about how fun (and profitable) a party can be!

As soon as your new hostess sets a party date, you begin building a partnership to create a successful party. The two of you are combining your efforts to hit high goals for:


To help get your hostess on the same page, give her two documents that will start her thinking about what she wants out of her party.

  • 40 Guests in 4 Minutes

    Just like the Who Do You Know list you filled out when you became a Consultant, 40 Guests in 4 Minutes helps your hostess think of people who might like to attend her party.

    40 guests can seem overwhelming —until you know the math behind party invites! About half will say yes, and 3-5 “yeses” will have to cancel … so if she invites 40, she can expect 15!

  • Party Kickoff Form

    This form is the blueprint for creating the perfect party for your hostess! It asks questions that will plant the seeds for a great event. Sample questions:

    • What’s your goal for your party?
    • What products are on your wish list?
    • Do you have any special requests, like a theme?

    Put It In Writing

    The Party Kickoff Form also has spots to write in the party date and schedule a call to talk about her answers to the questions on the form. Use this as a “confirmation” to show your hostess her party is booked. Ask her to take a picture of the completed form and send it to you by the next day so you can call to discuss the answers.


If your new hostess is already at a party when she decides to book, tell her to have the other guests help her brainstorm her 40 Guests in 4 Minutes list! Offer her an additional prize if she takes a photo of the completed form and sends it to you within 24 hours—or better yet, before you leave the party that night! (The “prize” can be a foil pack with a special coupon offer—there’s no need to break the bank on freebies!)


Your hostess might not be certain of the date she wants the party. Here’s what to say: “That’s totally understandable! Since our schedules are both so busy, why don’t we go ahead and pencil in a date now, and then if you get home and realize that date won’t work, then we can reschedule? I will call you within 24 hours to confirm the date.”

Up Next


Your first call with your hostess will provide you with more insight about her expectations for the party.