After you speak with the hostess, keep the anticipation high by setting up an online invitation where she can invite guests. Once the guests know about the party, you can promote it by sending them images, links, and messages to keep the party at the top of their minds!


Select a method that will allow the hostess to invite guests as easily as possible.

(Mix and match your communications!)

Build the guests’ excitement by sending them messages promoting the party! Ask your hostess for the guests’ contact information, or if she can’t provide it, send the updates to the hostess and have her forward them to her friends. See examples of each type of communication.

If you’ve created a Facebook event, it’s easy to post updates and links promoting the party! If you used some other invitation method, you can create a private group to give guests the scoop on the party.

Easy, breezy, emoji! Ask the hostess to create a group message with you and the guests, then periodically send reminders and tips for having the best party ever!

Access beautiful, professional templates in the Pure Romance Media Center to send eye-catching messages to the guests via email.

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple! Ask your hostess to send a message to all the guests and CC you, then just “reply all” whenever you want to connect!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Send snaps of the cover of the catalog, a featured product, your hostess’s smiling face—anything that can show the guests all the fun they can have at the party!

  • Mail is making a come back because so much is done online, like bills, that now most of the mail you get is mail you want. So an invite in the mail will catch people’s attention.
  • The reason you want the hostess to fill out the invites is so they have some energy invested into the pre-planning. If they sat and wrote up 25 paper invites while watching TV, you can bet they are not going to let them go to waste sitting in the bottom of a diaper bag. They will be motivated to hand them out and get excited about her show with you. This is one of the reasons why you are giving them the free shopping spree…they are doing the party planning, so LET THEM DO IT!


The party is getting close, and attendance seems low? Time to touch base with your hostess! Check out the troubleshooting guide to find out how to get the party back on track!


It’s easy to score beautiful, professional-looking pictures to promote your event. Simply check out the Media Center’s social media library.


Everyone has a preferred form of communication! Top Consultants use at least 2 or 3 different methods to reach out to party guests.

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Keep checking in and building your relationship with your hostess.