When you connect with the guests, you build their anticipation and get them excited for an amazing party! Have your hostess give you the guests’ contact info so you can get in touch with them—or, if that’s not an option, send the communication to your hostess to forward on to her guests.


Send the online shopping link so guests can place preorders:

”Can’t wait for next Thursday??? See all the goodies right now at [Shopping Link]. All orders placed through that link will count toward [hostess name]’s party!”


Show off the beautiful Pure Romance product line:

“I’ll have this product and lots more available for sampling at the party Thursday night! Can’t wait to see you there!”


Offer an exclusive sneak peek of the party:

[photo of inventory in your home office] “Just some of the product I’ll have at the party!”


Give the details and encourage attendance:

“Good evening, ladies! I hope you are all getting excited for a fun night with the girls! I will have over 30 new products to introduce to you! Yay!
[customize with something special about this party]

Remember, this is all about YOU, so bring a friend for a free gift … and 3 friends will get you a FREE TOY!
(Friends must place an order to qualify.)
[customize with your own offer]

Be sure to RSVP ASAP so your hostess can plan accordingly with the drinks and snacks.

If you are unable to attend, you can still support her party by ordering online. Just click this link to start shopping:

[Shopping Link]

Everything is confidential and ships directly to you!

See you on the [18th]!

[Consultant name, phone, email]”


Send these party invitations to guests to let them know that they’re invited to the party of a lifetime:

“Taylor, many people don’t see Facebook invitations anymore because they get buried with other information. That is why I’m giving you 25 paper invitations to invite your guests.

Keep these in your purse or gym bag so when you see people you know, you can just hand them an invitation. Let me know when you run out and I will get you more.

As you hand out each one, encourage them to bring a friend. Be sure to over invite because not everyone will be able to make it. The more guests we get at your party, the more free product you get! Shopping for free or at a discount is the best perk to hosting your party with me.”


By now you’ve got the general idea of how the party planning process works. Now it’s time to go further! This resources section is where you’ll find deeper explanations of how to use the documents you’ll give your hostess, get tips for communicating with your hostess and guests, and even learn how to move past any road blocks you may encounter along the way!