Following up a day or two after the party is booked will help your hostess keep her excitement high and let you start planning the party of the century!

Here’s your guide to the first call:

1Confirm the party. Make sure you’re both on the same page for the date and time. (If she needs to change the date, it’s best to find out now, before the guests are invited!)
2If she has sent you her completed Party Kickoff Form, review the information she provided and make sure you understand what she’s looking for in a party. If you don’t have the completed form yet, go through the questions with her. (Hint: Take notes!)
3If you haven’t received the 40 Guests in 4 Minutes list, ask her how it’s going. Offer to go through the list with her if she needs help, and remind her to ask guests to bring a friend.
4Ask for contact info (phone numbers and email addresses) for the guests so you can send them updates. (You can also send messages to the hostess to forward on to her friends, but if possible, get the contact info yourself.)
5Confirm her preferred method of communication (phone, email, text, etc.) and let her know you’ll be in touch soon.

    Here’s one of the most important questions on the Party Kickoff Form:

    What do you hope to get out of this party?

    The answer to this question is your hostess’s WHY for the party! Your WHY as a Consultant is what keeps you going, what spurs you on to achieve great things. The same is true for your hostess!

    Common WHYs for having a Pure Romance party include:

    • Getting her friends together
    • Taking a night off from mom/wife/life duties
    • Earning free product
    • Celebrating a special occasion
    • Considering the business opportunity

    Keep her WHY in mind and refer back to it from time to time as you plan your party. This will help you build rapport and keep your hostess focused on having a great event!


    Does anyone really use their phones to call each other anymore? We do at Pure Romance! Your other connections can be made via text, email, or whatever makes the hostess most comfortable, but this first connection should really be over the phone.

    Here’s why:

    • Hearing the excitement in her voice will keep you motivated to put on a great party—and vice versa!
    • When you’re discussing the Party Kickoff Form, you may have follow-up questions or need clarification on some of the details. The phone is still the quickest way to make this happen.
    • Check out this video with Senior Executive Director Janna Vukelich


Every interaction with your hostess should end with a thank-you for booking the party. Let her know you appreciate her business!


Can’t get your hostess on the phone, even though you scheduled a time to talk? Jump to the troubleshooting guide to figure out how to reconnect!


When you’ve finished chatting with your hostess, head to the Consultant Online Office (COO) and enter the party under My Business > My Parties. You’ll generate a link you can send to your hostess that will allow her friends to shop her party online and boost her hostess rewards.


After your call, reinforce your hostess’s excitement by sending her an email with party details! Go to the resources section to see an example.

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